How might we understand the Trend and Culture of Fire - Pit in United States for Walmart to Design their Fire - Pit for 2018 Catalog?

Duration: 7 Weeks


There is an opportunity to Design a Low cost, Modular Fire - Pit which is easy to Clean.


In this phase of the Research, the Team studied the Category in Walmart and its Competitors by Plotting them on a 2x2 Matrix based on their Shape, Style, Bestseller, and Price.This Reveals the Average Size and Accessories in the Market.

Participatory Research

Finding the Gap

In this phase the user types were defined based on a study of Walmart demographics.To Empathize with the Users, The Team conducted a Field study of the Fire - Pit Experience for Growth within this Category. This helped the Team Define a Design Criteria to move forward into the Ideation Phase.


Artboard 1Ideation.png
Artboard 1protype.png

Final Product

Artboard 1final.png

Manufactured Designs by Walmart

Artboard 1Product.png