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The information that we get from our everyday food is unclear, limited and manipulated. Global policies and trends are heading to more healthy and sustainable practices.

How might we provide simple and on point transparent visual communication about our food choices while establishing emotional connections through the experience of buying food, regardless of the user´s socio-economic status?

Duration: 10 Weeks

Team Size: 4


There lies an Opportunity to develop an tool that helps users to:

A. Expand the amount of information that we get from our fruits and vegetables.

B. Make that information visible and clear.

C. Make the information verifiable and traceable.

D. Make the information available and easily accessible


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In this phase of the Research, the Team studied the Category in Walmart and its Competitors by Plotting them on a 2x2 Matrix based on their Shape, Style, Bestseller, and Price.This Reveals the Average Size and Accessories in the Market.


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Final Product

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